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Drawing Sheet 2 File overwrites all Sheet format Replacement

Question asked by Ryan Whitney on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by Ryan Whitney

Drawing sheet 2 question.  I have a drawing template that employs the "Use different sheet format" for new sheets and references format "MySheet 2".  It works great.  A new drawing is started, the user sees "MySheet 1" format, they click a new sheet, they see "MySheet 2" format.

However it was noticed today that when the "MySheet 1" format is reloaded, the drawing will ONLY reload the format listed in the "Use different sheet format" dialog box.  I thought I may have inadvertently saved over the "MySheet 1" format and it looked identical to the "MySheet 2" format (and hence the template's sheet 1 would still look right), but that wasn't the case as it didn't matter what format was selected (even one of the SW defaults), the drawing still pulls the "MySheet 2" format when any sheet's formats are changed/reloaded.  The quick fix was to uncheck the "Use different sheet format" box, and then everything behaves as it should.  Additionally, it all works fine if I check the "Show sheet format dialog when adding new sheet" box.  Am I missing something or is this a SW glitch?

I hope I've explained this is clear enough, it was a pretty nuanced error.