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    No penetration component contact showing penetration

    Robert Schubert

      The two blue dot's seen in the picture above are two separate bodies. The orange/red colored rectangle is another body. Initially before any load is applied, the three bodies are touching, not penetrating, and not bonded. A global no penetration component contact was applied to the static simulation. After the simulation, I increased the deformation shape factor 8X and the above picture is the result. With a true scale deformation factor applied, no penetration between the three bodies can be seen in the simulation. If I increase the deformation factor, shouldn't no penetration contact be present at all deformation factor scales? It appears that increasing the deformation factor only applies to one body, the orange/red one.


      Thank you.

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Robert,

          From what you are describing the, if the models start in initial contact and do not have a gap before touching, then the Global No Penetration contact is probably not being recognized.  You would want to go ahead and create explicit No Penetration Contact Sets for these pins and then re-run the study.  If the objects are starting with initial contact you might expect that the displacement plot have a continuity of color.


          If there is a gap though you might expect that the deformation show a penetration since one object has to move a greater distance to fill the gap.  In that specific case only a True Scale deformation plot will show correctly.