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why am I asked to save files unrelated to the file I am closing?

Question asked by Thomas Friedrich on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2021 by Ashish Bhat

Here's the scenario:  I have a number of files and assemblies open.  I have been working in each of them.  The assembly I currently have open is not checked out by me, so when I am done, I try to just close the assembly (since I cannot save my changes anyway).  Before the assembly closes, the "Save Modified Documents" prompt pops up, listing all the open assemblies and parts checked out to me that require saving--even if they have no relation to the file I am closing.  Here's the kicker: If I choose not to save at this time, SolidWorks decides it will revert all these files back to their pre-modified state--even though I still have them open and am still working on them. 


Has anyone else seen this and does anyone know how to make it stop (other than the obvious, which is allowing it to save these other files when closing down the unrelated assembly)?


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