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Is there an ER for separate FEM and Sim models?

Question asked by Steve McCallion on Oct 23, 2017

I found this enhancement request, but I'm unsure if it's what I'd like as I don't remember the tab like manager for simulation:

SPR 572170

Does anyone know if there is another ER out there that matches what I've written below? It's a hard case to get a search match for.


What I would like is the ability to differentiate the FEM model from the Simulation Case. This is pretty par for the course for other simulation codes, but it's only recently that I've started performing larger quantities of simulations where I realise the benefit of doing so.


As an example I have a biggish model, and this model has within it a whole bunch of studies:

1 frequency study, 3 static studies, 9 sine studies, 3 random vib studies, and then any studies where I want to investigate small changes to the former studies.

The model is pretty much unusable at this point. If I want to save the model there goes 10mins of my time, change the simulation tab, there goes another 2mins.

If I want to input a new body and connect it to an existing component, well there's 16 simulation study changes...