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How do I get to Solidworks CAM??

Question asked by Dan Grappe on Oct 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by James Miller

Hello, I'm in a part and I cant find the new Solidworks CAM anywhere, how do I enable/activate it?  Do I need to download it separately?  I couldnt find a download for it either.  I have Solidworks Professional on Subscription.


I have checked Add-ins, I searched in the upper right search bar, and I even did a computer wide search in Explorer, but I cant find CAM anywhere in 2018, not in solidworks, not in the computer, and not online for download.  I am using windows 7, do I have to upgrade to Windows 10?  It didnt say anywhere that was necessary, I'm simply baffled.  Thanks in advance for the help!


Edit: attached a screenshot.