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How to select BOM table from FeatureTree?

Question asked by Filip Vymola on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by Amen Allah Jlili



I have got some macro, which transverse the FeatureTree and select BOM (first I load all BOM's to ListBox, select BOM in ListBox and if the name of BOM is the same as the name in FeatureTree, BOM is selected).


I need selecet data in BOM or load it (maybe) via TableAnnotation function.


Dim swApp                  As SldWorks.SldWorks
Dim swModel               As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
Dim swDraw                 As SldWorks.DrawingDoc
Dim swFeat                  As SldWorks.Feature
Dim BOMName            As String
Dim swFileName          As String
 Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc
Set swDrawingsDoc = swApp.ActiveDoc
Set swFeat = swModel.FirstFeature

     While Not swFeat Is Nothing
        BOMName = swFeat.Name
            If BOMName = UserFormExpBom.ListBoxBOM.Value Then
                swFeat.Select True
            End If
        Set swFeat = swFeat.GetNextFeature


This is only part of my code. How can I select data in BOM table? This code select only table, but not data in table. I need copy data from table to excel... I need select data in table first.


Thnak you.