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2018 SP0.1 considers 2018 PR1 an older file version

Question asked by Toft Bill on Oct 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by Michael Lord

Just installed SW2018 SP0.1 and started exploring by looking at some of the Samples > whatsnew parts.

I open tab_and_slot.sldprt (file date 10/12/17) and saw that warning triangle on the save icon (Older Version File). (same for the other sample files).

When I looked at Property Summary, I see it was last saved with SW2018 PR1.


I guess that reinforces the advice that PR1 is to be considered as just a "final beta". Thus we should uninstall all Beta and PR releases before installing the first production release (SP0) which is actually SP0.1 for 2018.