John Huntington

SW 2009 SP2, new SP, same old problems

Discussion created by John Huntington on Jan 22, 2009
Didn't have issues with this in 2008 and some didn't have issues with on SP0 but here are my list of issues...

The above is so BS, I didn't hit the agree button 3 times and it sure as hell wasn't clearly stated or I wouldn't have missed it. I don't feel comfortable ordering anything from a company that shares credit card info with a different company and I don't trust any companies email who can't even spell "acquired"

SW Freezes randomly while doing Assembly drawings or in drawings, this happens frequently and randomly throughout the day.

BOM Does not follow assembly order even though the option is selected, if I replace or change a configuration in an assembly tree, that item moves to the bottom of the BOM.

Putting up Annotations in 3D models makes the video card act choppy

On a positive note, SW no longer crashes when I close an assembly, yay....

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Solidworks 2009 SP2