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    Pick certain/default answers for dialog/warning-messages

    Christoph Wolf

      Dear community,


      I am new to Solidworks and also new to its macro and API functionalities.

      Currently I am trying automate the process of importing a geometry (located in a .step-file) into Solidworks, setting a camera angle and export a picture of the geometry. Unfortunately the import of the geomery gives me a warning message which says 'documents will be created on the disc to import free curves'. Two options are given: 'OK' and 'Cancel' (please use the picture as reference).


      I always want to pick 'OK'. Now I am looking for a command that can be used inside a macro to avoid this message or to pick 'OK'.


      Here is a MWE of my macro:


      Sub main()
      Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
      Dim COSMOSWORKSObj As Object
      Dim CWAddinCallBackObj As Object
      Set CWAddinCallBackObj = swApp.GetAddInObject("CosmosWorks.CosmosWorks")
      boolstatus = swApp.LoadFile2("C:\import_files\geometry.step", "r")
      Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc
      ' Take Snapshot
      Dim swSnapShot As SnapShot
      Set swSnapShot = Part.ModelViewManager.AddSnapShot("Anfang")
      Dim myModelView As Object
      Set myModelView = Part.ActiveView
      myModelView.FrameState = swWindowState_e.swWindowMaximized
      ' Zoom To Fit
      ' Save As
      longstatus = Part.SaveAs3("C:\export_files\picture.png", 0, 0)
      Set myModelView = Part.ActiveView
      myModelView.FrameState = swWindowState_e.swWindowMaximized
      End Sub


      Thank you!