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Lack of attention to details in edrawings, CAPS are so difficult, TRee ORDeR

Question asked by James Pare on Oct 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by James Pare

Sometimes I think you just have to laugh at what we get for trying to get something fixed

For years now we have told SolidWorks that if you rename a mark-up in edrawing with CAP Locks on that not all letters work properly

C'mon you say, years, CAP Locks, that's a pretty easy thing to make work


So we open the latest version today,

- They have had time to add en exclamation mark to tell you if there is a Mark-up, which I like

- They add a new ICON to tell you if a mark-up is blank, cool, not super necessary but I am good with it


BUtttttTTTTTT, do you think CAPS are fixed?

You wouldn't think this is an issue, but as per Engineering drawings we use all caps for our Mark Up labels


SO , no biggie, how often do you have a word with e  - CAP VeRSION is E



A bigger Issue that we have been trying to get resolved is the order of the component tree to match what is produced in SWX

Now the 1st example I looked at, was actually correct, until I changed configurations, OOPS, who would have ever tested that????


C'mon people, IS it really that DIffICULT,