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SolidWorks CAM - You Have To Let Me Talk To The Controller

Question asked by Jerry Myer on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Michael Buchli

You have to let me talk to the controller.  And don't assume that it is just a matter of time before I choose the midpoint of a line.


I am excited to think that SW 2018 includes some CAM functionality.  What I am hoping is, that it will be a good geometry processor, but also allow the part programmer to communicate to the machine/control everything that (s)he might want it to do that does not fall within the realm of a canned pocket routine.


I have to be able to put a comment in the control.


I have to be able to tell the control, STOP.


I have to be able to COMMENT: (Move the part over 5"), or (Flip the part YZ90), or (Time To Change Inserts) - whatever.  I need to put in Comments in the toolpath or Feature Tree that are persistent.


I need to be able to say, SPINDL/ ON, OFF, RPM, etc

I need to be able to say, COOLNT/ ON, OFF, etc

I need to be able to say, GOTO/ X,Y,Z; or ROTAte the TaBLe, RETRACT etc.

I need to put in a FEDRAT/ n, IPM (IPR), etc

I need to be able to say, do a full retract along certain axes - GOCLEaR


I need to be able to turn on/off all sorts of parameters like Plane Select, Cutter Compensation, Units Mode.


I need to be able to drill/csk different depths with the same tool for different hole diameters.  You know, there are tools that drill and mill, so there has to be programmer control over tool positioning and cycles.


I need to be able to position the tool with regard to Drive Surface, Part Surface, Check Surface with respect to thickness from the surface(s).


What this amounts to, is being able to add Language elements to the feature control tree and allowing the post to operate upon them. Yes, Language.


The world is not waiting for another canned pocket routine as much as it is waiting for program control.