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CFD capability- cooling pipeline system

Question asked by Yu Qi Wong on Oct 20, 2017

Hi guys,

I am new to Solidworks and is planning to do a simulation of a ship's seawater cooling system pipeline for my Bachelor final year research.

below is the schematic of the pipeline system.


however, looking from videos on youtube, seems like there is no tutorial on such complicated simulation.

thus i am worried that the program might not be able to pull off such feat.

some description below.

the main CFD to be done is the thermal and flow simulation in the pipes.

the system consist of 1 seawater pump, 2 freshwater/ seawater plate cooling.

the seawater is then discharged while the cooled freshwater continue to run in the system.


the propose is to observe the efficiency of the system by simulating the thermal change, flow rate and pressure.

Problems encountered:

1) seems to require the modeling of the plate exchanger to simulate the heat exchange

2) no idea how to set the simulation with the heat exchanger and outboard discharge

3) cant seems to set the CFD to run.


i need to complete the simulation by end nov 2017 latest.

hope to seek some advice soon.