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    Construction / configuration

    Chris Lamb

      Hello all,


      Hoping someone can help me out, unsure if I'm just missing something - though I've spent a heck of a lot of time looking and searching!


      I have a part which I use a spline to cut from a body. I have 3 versions of said spline, subsequently 3 different cuts from body - as it is the same line but which the dimensions constraining it change between the configurations.


      In attempting a design change, I'm trying to create another configuration - cutting the same body but with a different spline.


      I can make the spline construction easily enough, but there isn't an option, as with dimensions, to make it construction only for this configuration - so I can keep it being used as is in the first 3 configurations.


      I hope this makes sense?



      TIA, Chris

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          Bill Toft


          As I understand it, you have  one spline ("Spline-1") in Sketch-1  that is fully dimensioned so that you can have 3 Configurations (A, B, C) (with different dimensions). Now you have a different spline shape ("Spline-2") that you want to use for a new configuration (D).


          If you want both splines in the same sketch (Sketch-1), you can use the "Selected Contours" option to select which spline you want for this Cut-Extrude-1 feature. So no need to switch splines to or from construction geometry.

          But, you cannot select Spline-1 in configurations A, B, C and Spline-2 in configuration D.

          So stick with selecting Spline-1 and use Cut-Extrude-1 only for configurations A, B & C.


          Thus you need to add a new Cut-Extrude-2 feature (active only in configuration D) that still uses Sketch-1 but selects Spline-2 as the contour.

          Not what you were hoping for, I know . . .

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            J. Mather

            Attach your *.sldprt file here and end all doubt.