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    How to become a solutions architect

    John Frahm

      I get bored easily. Distracted really with trying to sort out a faster, better easier way to do things. A lot of times it takes me longer than if I just hammered down and pushed out the model and the drawing.


      How do you balance the two?


      How do you grow in your quest to be a solutions architect.


      I want to be like Alin Vargatu  or Dennis Bacon with my solution skills.



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          Dennis Bacon

          Hello John Frahm (Jack).. You certainly made my day. Thank you. Interesting post.. I sometimes wonder if any of the "solution skills" I may have acquired came from the days when I would quote jobs (machining and precision sheet metal) and find that I quoted way too low. Then out of a strong desire to survive and stay in business I would be forced to come up with ideas in order to make a profit or at least lessen the blow. I was, and still am one of those people that just can't turn it off when trying to solve a problem. This sort of behavior has, at times, lead me to some interesting and unsavory places. Like you, I sometimes simply use a bigger hammer and am surprised with the results. I have found that by following the forum and seeing the myriad of questions and solutions that on a good day I will remember something I've seen which will assist me in my quest.