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SW2014 Hole wizard not working anymore (not a memory problem)

Question asked by Olivier St-Onge on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Kevin Chandler



I have been using Solidworks 2014 without any hiccups for the past 2 years on a HP elitebook 8570w laptop (64 bit, 8 Go RAM, dedicated graphics card). I used extensively the hole wizard in many designs.


Now, when I click on the Hole wizard, the following error shows up :

''Out of memory or other error trying to initialize data source from standards file "C:/Users/ file path...   /HoleWizardFavorites.mdb''

I click OK, then :

"Cannot define a valid configuration of the profile" (translated)


Under Options/File locations, HoleWizard in the dropdown menu, the correct path is directing to HoleWizardFavorite.mdb


Under Options/Hole Wizard Toolbox, the following error message appears (translated) : "Cannot access main database because of an access error of the following database : " There is no name specified for the database that has an access problem. Still under this tab of the Option Panel, the file path is C:/Solidworks Data/ . In the folder C:/Solidworks Data/, I can find ToolboxVersion.dat, ToolboxVersion.xml and a few other folders.


What should I do? Right now I cannot use the Hole Wizard. I am pretty sure it is not a memory issue since I have 8 Go RAM and the OS is 64 bit.


I uninstalled my anti-virus (Kaspersky) and changed C:/Solidworks Data/ from read-only to read/write


Thank you for your help,