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Drawing document printing problems

Question asked by Gordon Metcalfe on Jan 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2009 by Gordon Metcalfe
I have used SolidWorks off and on since 2001 Plus and I don't recall drawing docs ever being this problematic.

I am having difficulty successfully printing anything from a 2D drawing doc.

The title block lines and sheet border are 60% missing and about 25% of all arrows in dimensions and attached annotations have heads but no tails and witness lines are hit and miss as well.
Also, sometimes hatched sections have about half of the hatch missing from a given area.

I have numerous other objections about drawings docs but this one is a priority problem for me because I cannot successfully get a presentable 2D drawing printed.

Besides the rig in my sig, I am printing on a brand new HP medium format inkjet with updated driver.