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Kits and BOMs

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Thomas Voetmann

Hi everyone,

  I am just looking for some advice, or other ways of modeling up kits to keep the BOM correct.

  For example, we have a kit where we install a hub onto a welded spindle to create a new subassembly.  I have added the tire and wheel studs to this model for the purposes of a nice exploded parts view.  However, the tire and studs are part of the top level kit, NOT the hub kit.  Is there a way to promote ONLY those parts to my top level BOM? Or should I just create a new config without the tire, and add the tires to the top level.  I don't like to do this because the model slows down significantly the more top level parts there are.  I also don't want to add another layer of subassembly, because that becomes very annoying (if revisions are done to the welded spindle, its another level that needs to be revised to not change older models).

   Another example would be extension kits, to change the length of the finished model.  These kits could contain many different parts throughout the model, and may move relative to each other, so it can't be put together in one subassembly.  Would the best way be to create a "dummy" subassembly with all the components hidden (but included in the BOM), then insert all of the components again in their correct spots (shown, but not included in the BOM)?  Is there any way to use folders in the feature tree to accomplish something similar?

  Just looking for some advice, or ways other people are doing this type of thing.