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Can Dispatch kick off a template..??

Question asked by Gary Hamm on Oct 18, 2017

I have created a macro within Proe (proe files are outside of our vault). that when ran will place a pdf of the drawing inside our Vault.

Then I have a dispatch that looks for the files and dos an Auto Checkin.


then I created a template for our Machine shop. the template basic works as follows.

User right clicks-launches template "create new job"

End user must type in the part number from the PDF created by the Proe Macro.

the template then creates the need folder structure, and MSword document template.



Then the User manually moves the PDF file into the folder.


Heres the question:

Is there away to take the user out of this, I would rather create the PDF, have dispatch checkin file, have the folder created based on pdf name. and have folder put in said folder.


thanks for the help.

Im new to dispatch and templates.