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Any new plans for SolidWorks on Linux?

Question asked by Varshith Reddy on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by Frederick Law

So I've wiped my windows 8 completely of my drive just after my formula student competition and made a fresh install of Ubuntu. Since then, I've been using Blender for all sorts of CAD purposes but even though its great for fancy rendering and animation purposes and other organic models, when it comes to engineering takes 10x more time than SW. I miss the simulation ad-ins and the modeler. I know this discussion has already started a few times already and it basically concluded that there'll be no SW on Linux. Ever. I've been using Onshape for making solids now..but nothing beats SW. I've explored FreeCAD and purged it a few days later. Times have changed and new apps are on the store. So, any chance that DS is thinking to develop for Linux? Or should I keep using Onshape. Any Linux users out there who've overcome this problem? Better alternatives?