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    2018 PR1 plane creation crash

    Julian Gray

      My PC is locking when creating new planes in 2018 PR1, is anyone else having this and is there a work around or hot fix and if not when will there be one?

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          Adam Hartles

          Hi Julian, see if your installed updates (Windows Updates), if Microsoft NET framework 4.7 is installed. If so you may need to reinstall this.


          installing Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.7 on Windows® 7 or upgrading to Windows
          10 Creators edition, how do I resolve instability with .NET Framework
          functionality within the SOLIDWORKS® software?


          users who install the Microsoft® KB3186497 or KB4104606 update to install .NET
          Framework 4.7 on Windows® 7 may see instability issues in SOLIDWORKS when using
          .NET functionality. 

          Additionally, SOLIDWORKS users who upgrade to the Windows 10 Creators edition
          may experience similar issues when using .NET functionality. The Windows 10
          Creators edition includes .NET Framework 4.7.

          For example, the operating system might crash or hang when you perform any of
          the following functions:

          •     Create a reference plane

          •     Delete a face of a solid body

          •     Use the 'Convert to Sheet Metal' command

          •     Use the 'Custom Properties' tab

          •     Use the 'Convert Entities' command

          If the computer crashes when performing such actions, SOLIDWORKS Technical
          Support recommends that you follow the instructions provided by Microsoft at
          the following link to repair the .NET Framework 4.7 installation:


          •     For
          Windows 7

          Follow the steps at the previous link to uninstall and reinstall .NET Framework

          •     For
          Windows 10 Creators Edition

          Download the file 'sldworks.exe.config' from the link below and place the file
          in your SOLIDWORKS installation folder (that contains the file ‘sldworks.exe’).
          The 'sldworks.exe.config' file will disable touch and stylus support for
          the SOLIDWORKS application.

          NOTE: This is a temporary solution while Microsoft works on a solution for this


          You will have to PM me for the link to the sldworks.exe.config file.

          Thanks Adam

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            Ian Worrall

            Looks like 2018 has jumped to SP0.1, maybe an update will help?