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Size of an intersection of two specified components

Question asked by Michal Zemek on Oct 19, 2017
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I am looking for a way, how to find out a size of intersection of two components (in a big assembly). I am able to find out, that two components intersect each other using a method AssemblyDoc.ToolsCheckInterference2. But this method does not give information, how big the intersection is.

Also, I can get all intersections (including their volumes) in an assembly using InterferenceDetectionMgr. But I was not able to restrict the InterferenceDetectionMgr to compute an intersection only of two given components, it always give me all intersections in the whole assembly. And that is too slow. I think there must be a way, how to compute an intersection of two selected components (because I can do it from the Solidworks user interface), but so far I was not able to do the same via API. Could someone help me? Thanks,