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preview of sketch - temporary sketch

Question asked by George Most on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by George Most

Hello everybody,


I'm new here and hope to be landed in the right area.


Shortly to my intention: I create a SW-Addin in the language C #.

I could implement all previous functions with the help of the API examples.

Now I would display "sketches with text" BEFORE they created.

Is there a way to create sketches (2D) only temporarily using the API?


If I work with the "sketchmanager", the lines are created and drawn in the model.

I'm looking for a way, similar to creating with the modeler, an temporary body or edge models, so that I can display it as a temporary "body".

With a body, it is possible with the function "Display" of the class/Interface "Body2".

Using this variant, I can also display edges (also "sketch lines") as a preview.

Difficult is it only with text :-(  ==> this must be create "with hand" with the "modeler".

Because this I search for a way to preview sketches  --> here I can easily write text.


I would be delighted to find solutions and other possibilities of realization.


PS: my native language is german - i hope you can understand this translation


Best regards George Most