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How to apply bend compensation in flat pattern

Question asked by Paul Voncken on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Andreas Rhomberg

Hi there,


I'm working on a metalsheet project with a 20mm bend radius which is bend in an angle:

20mm Bend Radius.png

20mm Bend Radius 2.png

The only problem is that the real life prototype is not quite as neat as the sw model.


I'm experiencing 2 problems:

1) Quite a big shift/gap:


2) Corner is not nicely curved (maybe this has to do with the punching machine instead of laser cutting the flat pattern)


Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve either of the 2 problems? Obviously I could try to add a bit of extra material on one side and extract on the other side in the flat-pattern, but this feels like a last resort solution for problem 1.


Thanks in advance!