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Toolbox showing extra unwanted parts

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

If I understand correctly, the toolbox contains database driven parts. when a particular size of part is added to an assembly then the toolbox creates the appropriate configuration and that is saved for future use. The configurations for the different sizes don't really exist until that size of part is used.

The parts that users can select, and the available sizes, can be restricted to those that are made available when the toolbox is configured.


Now, our toolbox got used a bit before we configured it. Or we did some re-configuring of the toolbox after some sizes and variations of parts were used in some assemblies. we had an issue when an illegal character was allowed to be used in some part descriptions that lead to some unexpected behaviour when those parts were used and had to change the toolbox configuration because of that.

The problem is that the limited sizes and types set in the toolbox configuration doesn't seem to prevent users from selecting other sizes that should not be available - because the configs for those "illegal" sizes got created sometime in the past and are not eliminated when the toolbox configuration is changed.


How do I reset the toolbox, deleting all the unauthorized sizes? Because we have some serious problems - for example several variations of the same size of screw can be inserted meaning they appear as different listings in the BOM, despite only one version of that size being configured to be available in the toolbox.

Can I somehow reset the toolbox so no unauthorized part configurations exist?

In that case what will happen when an assembly is opens that calls that unauthorized part size/finish/material? I guess i am dreaming that it will automatically use the authorized part if it is the same size...but to be honest i don't care if those just show as missing.


The serious problem I have at the moment is it allows those unauthorized part types to be picked and inserted in new assemblies when surely it should not!


I'm thinking that the files that define the toolbox configuration are separate to the part files themselves, and probably I just need to take the toolbox files and swap them with ones accessed from a clean installation? Does anyone know of such a procedure?