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Selecting a face and then clicking a macro button to create DXF

Question asked by Andrew McLean on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Russell Brown


I'm trying to streamline some of my processes for exporting faces as DXF's. This process is time consuming and very repetitive.


I have limited knowledge of created Solidwork Macros and now require a macro to save selected faces as DXF's and then save them in a required folder in the pathfile called "DXF'S", with a certain name. The DXF file name must gain its information from the cutlist properties and part properties in the format of "MK1-10382-010-01_5MM_MSPL_1OFF.DXF"  i.e "Project" & "Number" & "THICKNESS" & "MATERIAL" & "QTY".DXF


Please note that the "Project" & "Number" property comes from the custom properties manager while the rest come from the cutlist properties of each solid body.


At the moment, I model parts with multiple bodies with in it, which could have multiple thicknesses. These bodies however may not be sheet metal parts and i don't want to convert them or create configurations of each body as this takes too long and parts are quite detailed.


What i would like is to select the faces that i want DXF's to be created and then click the macro button and then it executes each selected face a a separate DXFfile. With each DXF file is the selected face only with a scale of 1:1.


Is someone able to help me or upload a code similar that i can manipulate. I've tried manipulating other macro codes but fail miserably at making them work as they are totally different.


Thank you.

Deepak Gupta