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    Invisible graphics area

    Michael Serra

      I can see right through the program, nd the problem is the same whether I have just opened SolidWorks and started a new part or open a pat that I have made previously. Any help would be very much appreciated!

      this screenshot should help illustrate the problem


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          Adam Humphries

          Hi Michael,


          One option would be to see if your driver is up to date:


          1. go to start menu >> type in RX >> go to the diagnostics tap >> update to latest driver


          2.Right mouse button on the desktop > ‘NView Desktop Manager’ > Then click on ‘Disable’.


          let me know if that helps at all





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            Dale Slotman

            1 of 2 things usually work for us:

            1. Open a 2nd session of Solidworks, then close both sessions.

            2. Drag the window around a little bit (from the top bar), close it down, and re-open.

            Hope one of those works for you.

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              John Sweeney

              Hi Michael,

              Your issue looks similar to SPR 903548 which describes the MDI Client area (the application backdrop window) becoming "transparent".  We were recently able to identify the cause which was actually related to a window resizing issue.  Essentially, the window used as our backdrop is resizing itself to be too small.  If your issue is the same as this SPR, then you should be able to fix your window with the following steps:


                1.  Start SW.

                2.  If SolidWorks is maximized, hit the 'Restore' button in the top right corner of SolidWorks.

                3.  Resize the height of the SolidWorks window by dragging the bottom edge of the window downward so it is at least half the screen height

                4.  File->Exit to close SolidWorks.

                5.  Restart SolidWorks.


              Please let me know if this does not fix your issue.


              The bug as described above will be fixed in an upcoming service pack (SW2018 sp1) so you should no longer be able to get the application into this bad state.