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Solids and shells contact

Question asked by Luis Amortegui on Oct 16, 2017
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Hello everyone,


I have a question about contact between a solid body and shell surface.

To improve contact between surface and edge, I split the surface and I get, automatically,  node-to-node contact as shown in figure 1 (Right side).


Figure 1. Surface-Edge contact


Between solids I suspect the software have some algorithms that make the work done automatically, as showed in figure 2.

Figure 2. Put a mesh refinement in one edge to show better my point. (No splitting line)


But, when I have contact between a solid and a surface, I don't know how to assure the node-to-node merging.

In figure 3, I show two situation. In the left side is doesn't exist partition line, meanwhile in the right side there is a split line and mesh refinement. In both cases there is not node merging.

Figure 3. Solid-Surface contact; Left side without split line, right side with split line and refinement. and the result is the same; not merged nodes.


It is posible to get Solid-surface contact and assure node-to-node merging?, and how it is done.


Thanks in advance.


Best regards.