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    Solids and shells contact

    Luis Amortegui

      Hello everyone,


      I have a question about contact between a solid body and shell surface.

      To improve contact between surface and edge, I split the surface and I get, automatically,  node-to-node contact as shown in figure 1 (Right side).


      Figure 1. Surface-Edge contact


      Between solids I suspect the software have some algorithms that make the work done automatically, as showed in figure 2.

      Figure 2. Put a mesh refinement in one edge to show better my point. (No splitting line)


      But, when I have contact between a solid and a surface, I don't know how to assure the node-to-node merging.

      In figure 3, I show two situation. In the left side is doesn't exist partition line, meanwhile in the right side there is a split line and mesh refinement. In both cases there is not node merging.

      Figure 3. Solid-Surface contact; Left side without split line, right side with split line and refinement. and the result is the same; not merged nodes.


      It is posible to get Solid-surface contact and assure node-to-node merging?, and how it is done.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards.




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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Luis,

          I took a look through the SOLIDWORKS KB and found this article which seems relevant to your situation:


          Q. Why is it not possible to create a compatible mesh between a shell and solid component?

          A. The reason lies in the formulation for solid and shell elements. Solids have three degrees of freedom per node, and shells have six degrees of freedom. Because of this incompatibility, even nodes that are coincident will never be merged

          So, it would appear that it is a known limitation in the software.