Brian Marks

I know how to disable the rulers.... But how do I KEEP them OFF? Tired of turning them off every day!!!

Discussion created by Brian Marks on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Barry Watkins

I've seen the other threads so please don't direct me there.

My firm paid for SolidWorks with the understanding it was a complete and fully functional software package. Please DO NOT direct me to load some macro. This Software should be working properly. For 10 years I've been waiting for SolidWorks to "fix" this software...... still waiting.   For once I'd like to see 95% of past "improvements/upgrades" fixed to the point they consistently work properly w/o the high level of instability SolidWorks displays on a yearly basis.


So D.S. .... Got a service pack that will allow SolidWorks 2017 to run as advertised w/o all the glitches???? No more half baked improvements that don't WORK. No more customers turning things off/On everyday as they just seem to turn back on/off by themselves??


Just about ready to switch back to AutoCAD 12 and break out the ole digitizer board.