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    Windows 10 Creators Update - Issues?

    Todd Blacksher

      Has anyone else run Windows Update for Windows 10 recently, and then started seeing issues running SOLIDWORKS?


      I was not having any issues with my old laptop (Dell Precision M4500), but I am seeing issues with my new laptop (Dell Precision 5510) that I just received.

      This is very apples to oranges, I only mentioned the old laptop because I had never seen the issue with it. (Also Win10, up to date with Windows Update)


      New laptop procedure - Open box, run through setup, allow some updates to run during setup, Install SOLIDWORKS, Install Microsoft Office 2013, Install Dropbox.

      (That is all you need . . . right?)


      Going through some really SIMPLE parts/sketches, and I get the "new & improved" Blue screen of death (BSOD) -


      I have since updated the graphics driver (SOLIDWORKS approved) and run the Windows Update again.

      I'll be doing some more testing this week, I just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this yet.


      This is a Windows issue, NOT SOLIDWORKS, but it sounds as though it effects graphically intensive programs.




      Thanks in advance,