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    login as viewer and change to modifier

    Dan Schleicher

      We have some modifiers that are working managers. They do not need to be modifiers all the time. Some times they just need to be a viewer. Is there a way to login Professional PDM as a viewer and then change to a modifier. I also want the viewer license to free up one after they change to a modifier.

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          Martin Solem



          If you need to switch between license types, the recommended way is the hard way:

          • Log off PDM to free your View license.
          • Open Administration and change to Editor/Contributor by clicking the Help icon, or choosing Help - About SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration. Choose from the drop-down menu.
          • Log off Windows.
          • Log in.

          And vice versa.


          This is because when you change license type in Administration, it results in a change in Windows registry, so you will be asked to log off Windows, and log in again.

          By closing PDM ("Exit" on the PDM icon in system tray) and restart the explorer.exe process(es), you don't have to actually log off and on, but i am doing this only for testing.

          The changes and different license key strings in registry are described in S-057526.

          With this information you can probably make a script to control everything, but i would hardly recommend this as a solution, and seems like a lot of work for what you gain.


          Kind regards


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              Dan Schleicher


                   I knew about logging out of PDM and back in. I was hoping for an easier solution, but it is a start. My other option is to have the user logout and then log on as a different user.

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                  Charley McGowan

                  To immediately release the license, right click on the PDM blueberry icon and select 'exit' not log off. Once you reset the license to whichever one you want (Viewer/Contributor/CAD Editor), then use the windows task manager to restart explorer.exe and it'll grab whichever new license you've set it to.


                  You have to restart the explorer.exe so the registry can re-initialize and pick up the new change in the reg-keys. Unfortunately, because the licences are registry driven, this is required each time, and there's no simple solution other than the two users, where you just have the license be a contributor each time, but the users themselves have permissions set such that they're basically a viewer license.