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Macro: Batch Reload-Replace Drawing Sheet Format (sub folders as well)

Question asked by Deepak Gupta on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2020 by Deepak Gupta

Sharing a macro for batch reloading of drawing sheet format. Here are some main points of the macro:


  1. It works for all drawing files in the selected folder.
  2. It works on all sheet and not just active or single sheet.
  3. It works with mixed sheet format sizes. You can add/edit sheet formats as needed.
  4. It detects the width of the current size and pick the required sheet format based on that.


Feel free to edit as needed. Suggestion/enhancements are welcome


Please backup your data before use.


Message was edited by: Deepak Gupta Added another version of the macro with new codes to simply reload the sheet format when name is same.


Message was edited by: Deepak Gupta on 01/30/19 Added updated macros for processing files in the sub folders as well. Macro V3A reloads the same sheet format and macro V3B reloads the specified sheet format based on paper/sheet size.


Message was edited by: Deepak Gupta on 01/30/19 There was a small typo in the sub folder processing codes. revised macros have been uploaded.


Message was edited by: Deepak Gupta on 10/28/20 Added codes in the macro V3B version to read and set the same angle of projection i.e. First or Third