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    What do I do if my view screen is blacked out?

    Josiah Means

      Hi, I was working in Solidworks just recently going through the tutorial, and while I was working, the window to see the part went pitch black and the program crashed. When I reloaded the program and tried to reopen the same file, the screen remained blacked out, however, it was still registering that the part was there because pop ups would show up if I hovered over the part. I and a friend have tried several different ways to resolve the issue short of uninstalling to no avail. If anyone else has encountered this problem and found a solution to it, could you please help?

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          Adam Humphries

          Hi Josiah,


          Taking a look on the knowledge base their was a similar reported issue:



          If that sounds similar to you machine set up then i would recommend as stated here  Upgrading to version 11 of Symantec End Point Protection resolved the issue.


          If that does not sound like your machine then either try:


          1. checking to see if you graphics card is up to date: start menu>> type in RX >> open your version of the RX tool >> go to the diagnostics tab >> if your graphics card is out of date then update and reconfirm behaviour.


          2. a registry re-set may be an option:


          close SOLIDWORKS and go to the Registry Editor (type regedit into start menu) and rename the following key: -


          HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > SolidWorks


          I normally right mouse click on the SolidWorks folder, select rename and rename it as an old registry with date i did it, something like this: - "SolidWorks_Old_DD.MM.YY"


          I hope that helps