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2 Questions (for now)

Question asked by Anton Ivanov on Oct 16, 2017
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I have 2 questions (for now):


1. Is there a way to turn off, what it looks like, an automatic pre-selection of last touched surface when trimming, boundary surface creation (it happens in other commands too). It is one of those situations that when you want to trim something and when you open the command there is already a surface there and most of the time it is not what I want so it extends the function by two clicks. That's the measurable metric; it is also very annoying especially when I don't catch it right a way and my trim ends up not working and have to redo it. 


2. Is there a good way to set up a toggle short cut key, let say "E" , between showing the model in "Shaded With Edges" and "Hidden Lines Visible".


Thank you!