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How will you model this on 3D?

Question asked by Wehlee Arolf on Oct 15, 2017
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I am quite new to Solidworks and in a process of getting deeper knowledge of the 3D CAD Tool. I am familiar with Autodesk Inventor and been using it for 9 yrs now and quite familiar with the approach on how to do a 3D model.


Now, that I am in a getting to know knowledge with Solidworks. I do have a question, I wanted to do a 3D Model of the Bomber Cage using Solidworks. What wold be the approach that you will do? Is it by the use of Weldment or Swepth?


In inventor I can do this much faster using the Framework Generator. Create few 2D sketch and convert it to 3D sketch as my main guide for create the Framework.


I am attaching an image of the said Bomber Cage and hope that I could get a better pointers on how this can be achieve in Solidworks.


Thank you and appreciate any feedbacks.