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Non Linear Study Fails with error "Solution failure in the First Step may be due to "

Question asked by Krishna Muralli on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Krishna Muralli

I'm currently doing a non linear simulation, I have a  panel which is positioned on to a clip, the clip in-turn is fixed on the beam .

Aim of the study is to analyse the stress and deformation when a pressure load is applied at the bottom surface. The clip and the panel will be in contact (i.e) the clip locks the  profile as attached in the image



As from the sample image can notice there will be a profile overlap and the clip and the profile comes in contact.Hence i used global contact as "Allow Penetration" and selected the faces  where the panel overlaps as "Bonded"

After creating the setup, when i run the simulation i end up with the error " Solution failure in the First Step may be due to : (1) lack of adequate Fixtures for one or more parts (2) Material Properties may not be properly defined (3) Load increment may be too large or too small"

I been looking for a solution to solve this and tried the below steps:

1.Checked my material property

2. Reduced the increment time from 0.01 to 0.005 from the "Advanced Options" from the Study properties

3. The pressure load curve also been defined gradually from 0 to 1 sec

4. Added mesh control on the faces where the clip and the roof are in contact


Can anyone help me, why this error prompts and what causes it?

Thank you for your suggestions