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    Is this right

      Hi all

      Please help.

      The attached is one of my first attempts at stress analysis. The big bloke with the two rods under it is purely to hold the top together and prevent the top of the stand from spreading apart.

      I had this post in the genral area, maybe it was the wrong place. I hope I am in the right post area now.
        • Is this right
          What do you need help with? The model looks okay, but I don't know what its intended function is, so it's hard to comment, really.
          • Is this right
            Bill Reuss

            There is a significant difference in the thickness of the stand (2.5mm) compared to the brick on top (40mm). You might get better results by analyzing the stand with a shell mesh combined with the top brick as a solid mesh. Is this what you're trying to find out? Otherwise, the way you have the model set up with restraints and loading conditions look fine to me. HTH!