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Drafting standard refusing to change. Dimension Styles not loading in automatically and view font not changing. What am I doing wrong?

Question asked by John Boire on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by Frank Oostendorp

Some background:
We had a sheet format/template set up as a standard for the company. Everything was working well but it was a bit bloated and so we wanted to remove some dim styles, update the view standard fonts and add a few linked custom properties.


However after making the changes and then saving the file(s) (Sheet format, Drawing Template, and Drafting Standard) All the changes were undone and the drafting standard reverted to default.


We managed to get the drafting standard back to the original but now non of the dimension styles are loading in when you start a new drawing file (They need to be loaded in manually every time you start a new document)


Also no matter how many times I set up a font style for the views and re-save everything the changes do not stick:

The section view defaults to having the text bolded but I do not want it that way, I go to document properties >  Views > Font > Font Style and select "regular" then save everything (Sheet format, Drawing Template and Drafting Standard) but when I start a new file and create a section view the text underneath is still bolded. It is a minor thing to go and fix it in the document properties but if every drafter has to do this every time they start a new file it is rather tedious and causes lots of lost time.


Is there something I am missing? Maybe an order to save things? (I usually save in the order that I listed above ie: Sheet Format, Drawing Template and then Drafting Standard)


I am getting frustrated and have even opened documents with the original setting and tried to use them to overwrite the new format and still I get the same results. I can't figure this one out.