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Mouse click API

Question asked by Eric Bonebrake on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by Eric Bonebrake

I am trying to write a basic macro with automated mouse clicks so that i can output a many Cam files with HSMExpress. However i am using this example, but the location the mouse goes to is different...These two lines move the mouse to different positions? I dont understand this?

       status = TheMouse.Move(20, 60, swMouse_MouseMove + swMouse_Click)

       status = TheMouse.Move(20, 60, swMouse_MouseMove)


Also with this 2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - swMouse_e Enumeration I understnd what everything does except for the SwMouse_Absolute? I have tried the two lines above with and without the swMouse_Absolute without any differances.


Example 2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Run SOLIDWORKS Commands and Synthesize Mouse Events Example (VBA)