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How to Set and Neutral Position

Question asked by Blair Frandeen on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Stephen Tecce

I am having a lot of difficulty using the "Set as Neutral Properties" and "Restore Neutral Properties" commands. I am working on a storyboard with a very large assembly, and I keep having to add components by importing them as .step files. Quite often these components need to be translated and rotated into their correct position. Once in the correct position, I want to set that position as the neutral position.


My process is that I select the part I just imported in assembly selection mode and click "Set Neutral Properties." Then I switch to part selection mode and click "Set Neutral Properties". Then I click "Restore Neutral Position" (or ctrl+R) and the parts go back to where they were when I imported them. I press ctrl+Z to get them back to where I wanted them, then repeat selecting them in different ways and clicking "Set Neutral Properties" several times, sometimes selecting the entire ROOT assembly and clicking "Set Neutral Properties." Sometimes this works, and sometimes when I press CTRL+R they parts STILL go back to the wrong place!


Can somebody please explain the black magic I need to use to make "Set Neutral Properties" work correctly?

Thanks for your help