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    Korbi Anis

      hi evebodies, plz how can I know the name of a mate entity ? I can just get the mate entity type like  :  Debug.Print "      Mate entity type  = " & swMateEnt(i).ReferenceType2  . thank you

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          Jacob Corder

          Do you want the name of the components that a mate applies to

          Or are you looking for the MATE REFERENCE that is found in parts and assemblies for faster mating?


          Or are you looking for named entities that could a mate may be applied to.


          Send all of the code.  Mates are very in depth and have lots of accessors and references.

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            Solid Air

            I am afraid I do not understand what you are exactly looking for.  Posting an example of what you are expecting for an output would help.  I found an example in API help "Get Mates and Mate Entities Example (VBA)"  that may return what you need.