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Lost part references the next day?

Question asked by Brian Brazeau on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by Adam Hartles

I design Plastic injection molds. My method of creating core,cavity, slides, etc. is to place the part with shrink fixed in an assembly and use the "cavity"(boolean)  function in conjunction with extrudes and cuts referencing the part edges and faces to create the components.

So this works, I save the file, I add KOs,H2o,screw holes, etc. Save the assembly and exit. If I open the file the next day there are errors all through the feature tree where ever I had referenced the part file. I have to go back in and re establish the references (converted edges, faces to extrude up to, offset entities, etc.) I'm in 2016 and I came from 2011(it never used to happen in 2011) We get all the new releases I just think they aren't worth the trouble dealing with all the bugs. Here's the real kicker after I've re-establish these references They're fine from there after. Anyone get the same behavior?