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    Replace components auto-selects random configuration?

    Sarah Dwight

      So I have been using Replace Components in an assembly and have hit a snag.

      The replacement part has several configurations and SW keeps auto-selecting a random configuration.

      The configuration doesn't have the features I need to use the convenient Mate Entities selector.

      I have saved the part so the last-updated configuration was the one I wanted, but it doesn't make a difference.

      SW keeps selecting this random config. How do I tell SW which config to use when replacing the component?


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          Aldo Fernández

          I messed around with this one a bit myself... One might assume that selecting the radio button that reads "Manually Select" would bring up a prompt to allow you to select the config that you need, but on my SW 2017 such a prompt does not appear. But if you click on the "Browse..." button below where you select the part to replace with, in that window, after locating the part file to replace with, you will see that a drop-down appears for parts that have configurations available. From that drop down you can select the configuration of interest. I have found that using this method also allows mates to copy automatically for similar components.