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Can't use Smart Dimension on a imported .obj file (From 3DS max)

Question asked by Aiden Ford on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by Aiden Ford

Hello everyone


I'm a 3Ds max user working to build a Mars Rover Opportunity

with real dimensions with every detail  3d model opportunity rover

and I exported single element (Mars_Rover_Opportunity_Body.3ds)

from my 3ds max project file to solidworks 2017 (Mars_Rover_Opportunity_Body.obj) to work with Solidworks about dimensions

it worked succesfully, Then in Solidworks when I open ''Mars_Rover_Opportunity_Body.obj'' and converted it in .sldprt and try to use smart dimension.

It gives me the small smart dimension icon but doesn't show any dimension when clicking on the imported object part, corner, etc...

without getting dimension, I couldn't get a proper ''drawing from parts'' for the element.


Anyone could help me please? Thanks