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    How do I use Admin Image for gate keeping?

    Dwight Livingston

      I want to set up an Admin Image (2016 in this case) so that Solidworks installs only if the machine is on my list.This is my first time doing using an Admin Image, and I am wondering why it's so hard. Some questions:


      1. Is this a reasonable goal, something a lot of admins would find useful?


      2. Should Solidworks make this easier to do?


      I found a work-around, but it is tedious to implement. (I think it was mentioned in a post on the forum, but I can't find that post now.) For the Global Settings and group settings, only eDrawings gets installed. Anybody whose machine is not specified just gets eDrawings. The machines listed get the whole package. Thing was, I had to create these settings for each machine individually, and it took awhile.


      3. Any easier way to do it than what I described here?


      In addition, it'd be nice if I could dump in a list of machine names, rather than entering those one-by-one.




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          Deepak Gupta

          Admin image help you in many folds. Even for a single install I prefer admin image.


          1. When downloading a new service pack, you do not have to download every single file but just patch your image and it would only download required files.

          2. Setting all things in one place and one go.

          3. You can make groups and then set up which machines/users are part of which group.

          4. You can use "add multiple machines" and select them from your domain.

          5. You can install/upgrade at multiple machine in several ways like thru email or command line.

          6. You can have multiple license in the same image. So in case you've more standalone or network licenses (like you've 2 seats for flow simulation and wants it to be installed on specific machines).

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              Dwight Livingston



              My question is how to do it so that Solidworks installs only if the machine name is listed. If a machine is not listed, Admin Image uses the group properties and installs according to that, and that is not how I want it to work. I don't want it to install SolidWorks unless the machine is specifically listed.





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                  Adam Hartles

                  Hi Dwight, under Global Settings, have you  a serial key entered in the SolidWorks field,or any product for that matter? You MAY have some joy if these are removed, but the benefit of having them is that newly added machines to the list inherit the Global Settings to begin with so saves a lot of manual input. I capitalised MAY as I think I recall that having nothing in the Global serial keys can prevent all machines from installing.

                  I guess the other way is defining permissions to the folder containing the image so you can control access from a Windows level- those not in the list don't see the folder, and you gradually add machines into the RW permissions as you allow further PCs to install from your Image.