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Circular Pattern not as it seems, and other things that I have noticed that make it difficult to trust Solidworks

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Oct 12, 2017

Hey all,


I was performing a circular pattern of a gear cut, so I included the original cut, a move face located on the root diameter face of the gear, the base fillet, and the tooth fillet.  All features were seemingly happily accepted in the circular pattern command.  The move face was only 0.2mm in distance, so it was hard to detect on a 120mm pitch diameter gear, but I figured that it was and is listed in the command's feature window and why would the programmers at Soildworks give me the business.  Well as it turned out, I later updated the Move face and accidentally made the offset 2mm instead of .2mm, and I noticed that the circular pattern command did not propagate through out the circular pattern at all.  I wish I could say that I am shocked, but this program has a lot of quirky things that make it un-trustable.  WTF if the command isn't going to include a feature in the features for the circular pattern, they should just make it un-selectable like they do for several other things, or at the very least don't list it in the items to be patterned .  This totally makes me change the strategy for creating a gear cut with the ability to update through global variables, and now I have to verify everything which will take forever and will be very tedious.


While I'm talking about the move face command, I have noticed that it will not take a global variable or anything other than a number in the inputs, is there a list of other commands that don't allow for global variables?  Or is there a certain category of commands that I should be aware of that don't allow this like the reference geometry command family probably doesn't allow global or sketched dimensioned equations either, although I only tried the plane command.  This one floor me until I realized that I was using Solidworks, and it is just par for the course with this program that needs verification of everything it does.  I now know why creating datum planes and axes off of geometric solids is encouraged by several tutorials.  This used to be and still is a big no no for me and people I work with.  Well atleast with the software we used to use, but with Solidworks, it seems like a regular occurrence.