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    Purposely Inserting an Iterative (Circular Reference) Equation in the Equation Manager

    Robert Weimer

      Hey All,


      I am producing a profile shifted Helical gear, and yes I want the exact model geometry so that I can have a non gear shop machine it without using a gear cutter.


      Anyway, the formulas use the "Involute Function" and the "Inverse Involute Function"  The later uses an iterative method to churn through the equations until the changing result is small enough so that you don't care.  When I try this in Solidworks equation manager, it gives me the circular reference message.  Great that is what I want.  I tried to stop the loop with an "IIF" statement to break out when a specified number is reached, but no luck.


      Am I on the right track with the "IIF" statement?  Or is there just a button I can use to turn on iterative equations and limit the loops the equation manager will calculate?  They have this sort of thing for NX, but I am using Soliworks now, and we're not entirely friends as of yet.