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    The Steel Detailer/TSD or equivalent?

    Tony Malejko

      Has anyone out there used the Steel Detailer add-on? I'm looking for at least something similar that is as powerful as it looks. I haven't been able to get an email back from them, even regarding a time frame for 2017... and with 2018 around the corner, that doesn't look good. I do a lot of drawings of cat-walks and platforms... so something like that would make my life unbelievably easier not having to model every connection.

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          Gary Blenkhorn

          I bought a license of TSD and just a few weeks after I did the main developer of The Steel Detailer, Michael Crawford left Quadro Design in Australia and the support from Quadro has been almost non existent.  Quadro will not respond to any emails I send them.  I do not recommend this add-on at this time until they can prove themselves.  The people left at Quadro are users and not completely up on the inner workings of STD.  They claim they have hired someone to fill Michael's void but they are almost one year behind on a TSD 2017 release update.  And because of that I cannot update Solidworks to 2017 as TSD will not run in SW 2017 so I am told.


          VAR's do their best with support from a user's requirement but if there are problems with the database the VAR's cannot help.  The TSD database is very temperamental and crashes if you make the slightest of mistakes.  With no support from Quadro the users will be gone to something else in no time.  I am currently looking into other options for my structural steel design.  My only problem is I am out a lot of money for software that has no current support from the developer.


          I would stay very far away at this point in time unless things take a major upturn at Quadro.


          Another option that some users are now looking at is IC3D SW add-on but I have not looked into it too much yet.  I am now looking very seriously at AutoCad Advanced Steel.  It is a shame as I love using Solidworks. 

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            Gary Blenkhorn

            I just got an update from my VAR.  They are no longer selling TSD and all support for TSD must come from TSD and not the VAR.  Well if TSD does not respond to emails then I would say support is non existent.  Now to find out if I can update SW to 2017 and still use TSD.  If not than goodbye TSD for ever.

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              Said Kacioui

              Gary, it is TSD 2017 on SW2017.

              Me too I liked it , even a long marking , doing connection on angles without welding transform the first selected to assembly parts which is not correct, dstv export was a fake .... to much improvement to do ...

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                Radwa Mostafa

                hello there;

                i am searching about steel detailed solution and i prefer if i can found a partner to solidworks and if not can you recommend any other software .

                however i have the same problem with TSD