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Update References

Question asked by 磯 部 正 史 磯 部 正 史 on Oct 12, 2017
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We can have there way to Update References for a .sldasm file when use API if cannot want to open file in SolidWorks.

1.SwDMDocument18.ReplaceReference(OriginalReference, ReplacementReference) in SwDMClassFactory class;

2.IEdmRawReferenceMgr.UpdateReferences(refs) in  EPDM.Interop.epdm class

3.ISldWorks.ReplaceReferencedDocument(ReferencingDocument, ReferencedDocument, NewReference)in sldworks class


And then,I Have tried all.

1.the code  do smart,but there are not effect to change the reference,the referencr is old.

2.then code when running  UpdateReferences(refs) cannot do and tip the Paramter error.

3.the code is do and we can see the most reference is update,but,same toolbox part is not updated.


so,what can i do and have a perfect outcome?