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Solid cut / wire profile, to create Groove or die - type gague

Question asked by Milan S. on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by Kevin Chandler

Dear Community,


Need urgent help ! In creating circular or square cross-section single Gauge out from the imported solid (steel wire) model.

Overall, i want to know how create groove* / solid cut*  (*not from sketched or profile cut but from solid body), in multi plane (specially from a closed loop solid 3 axis path like 3D sketched profile) and also on single plane in SolidWorks.


The attachment i have shared is closed loop solid model / profile, having path in all 3 axis / multiple plane and a single body. It is an imported 3D model with format file STP and its diagnostic test run status OK. And i have also attached image file as well just to show a type of gauge i want make from wire (it is one the portion of the gauge).


I hope to get the solution as soon as possible.

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Thanking you



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