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How to auto balloon all smart dimensions (without BOM)?

Question asked by Ian Pommer on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Ian Pommer

Hello -


I am looking for a way to speed up our company's time spent adding bubbles to our internal sketches. We have probably a dozen new sketches a week, plus legacy drawings that need to be brought up to speed. I have personally bubbled sketches that have over 80 smart dimensions, so finding something that can either add balloons as features are dimensioned, or something that can parse through all the features and add bubbles would greatly reduce the workload on our ME department. We do not use a BOM, so the built-in "Auto Balloon" does not work. Something that could put a bubble at the "10 O'clock" position at every smart dimension would be great. Something that could grab every smart dimension, and bubble tied to each smart dimension and export to an Excel spread sheet would be ideal.


I am willing/able to spend some time writing my own macro. I do have some programming history, but an unfamiliar with the SolidWorks API and VBA syntax, so obviously if I could find something that already does this that would save me a lot of time and stress.


I am currently trying to learn some SolidWorks API through youtube videos, but I am apprehensive about wasting time on this endeavor.


Thank you for your time,